From the slightly obscure to the highly relevant — watch and learn.




From the slightly obscure to the highly relevant — watch and learn.


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Episode 20

How to Improve the Security Culture at Your Organization

Very few companies emphasize the importance of security culture, this can result in uninformed decision-making, compromised systems, and cyber breaches.

Episode 19

Evolution of Cybersecurity: 1970s Through Today

While cybersecurity is a relatively new field, it is gaining traction and cyber protection is something every organization needs to have. Check out how the field of cyber security has evolved and changed within the last 40 years.

Episode 18

Why are Insider Attacks Becoming More Common?

In recent years, insider attacks have come up more and more in the realm of cyber security. Find out why and what you can do to mitigate those internal risks. 

Episode 17

Boost Your Cybersecurity Career with Your Unique Superpower

Having the ability to evolve and roll with the punches is a must when working in cybersecurity. Learn more about the importance of being nimble, working in teams versus solo in a cyber setting, and honing in on your skills. 

Episode 16

Red Team, Blue Team, Purple Team: What’s the Difference?

Red team, blue team, purple team, who team? Ever wonder what the differences were for each type of cybersecurity team? Learn more about the differences, benefits, and drawbacks of each team and how each team can give value to your company. 

Episode 15

Does HIPAA Need a Security Overhaul?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed so many aspects of life as we knew it, and HIPPA is no different. Find out how healthcare security needs to continually evolve along with healthcare best practices in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

Episode 14

The Problems with Healthcare Cybersecurity

The field of healthcare is focused on the physical well-being of patients. Find out how that could impose cyber security risks and the problems that could arise.

Episode 13

How to Secure Your Work-from-Home Environment

With so many companies turning to remote work, the question businesses need to ask is what are the security risks of remote work, and how do we mitigate these risks? Check out this video to answer all these questions and more. 

Episode 12

Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Researcher

Ever wonder what a cybersecurity researcher does in a day? Watch now to get an inside look at what a researcher does, and how they stay up to date on all the trends and events happening in the physical and cyber spheres. 

Episode 11

Learning the Dark Side of Hacking

Cybersecurity is a lot like The Force in the Star Wars in that there are definitely dark and light sides. Unethical hackers are computer predators who victimize others for their own gain. 

Episode 10

The Importance of Learning AI

AI is a big part of the future of cybersecurity. Learn more about why it is important to get better acquainted with AI if you are in the cyber space. 

Episode 9

How to Keep Your Data Safe While Travelling

When traveling, there are a lot of things going on, and your online security may not be at the top of the list of concerns. Learn more about how you can protect yourself when traveling, so you can focus on having fun and not what’s happening online. 

Episode 8

How to Avoid Fraud and Identity Theft

We could all be smarter about protecting our personal data. Check out these tips to be savvier about your online security. 

Episode 7

How to Improve Cloud Security

As the realm of security evolves, there are new things improving every day. Tune in to get some tips and tricks to learn how to improve your cloud security. 

Episode 6

Going on the Offensive Against Cybercriminals

Going on the offensive can be the best way to disrupt cybercriminal groups and organizations. Find out about strategies that are more than just hacking back to stop your adversaries. 

Episode 5

How to Get Into Data Privacy and Machine Learning

Listen to find out some career tips if you’re looking to get into data privacy and machine learning-related roles. 

Episode 4

Backup and Recovery Cybersecurity Work

Become an expert on cybersecurity and develop and execute successful backup/recovery strategies. 

Episode 3

Supply Chain Security in 2022

Learn more about how the supply chain can relate to cybersecurity. Get some insights on jobs related to IoT and supply chain cybersecurity. 

Episode 2

Why it’s Important to Specialize in Cybersecurity

It’s important to pursue what you are passionate about. If you have an area of expertise, it could be beneficial to your career to specialize in that area of cybersecurity. 

Episode 1

Tips for Starting Your Own Cybersecurity Business

Looking to start a cybersecurity company? Check out these tips to see what to expect.