In the Beginning…

What do you get when you match up an enterprise security tech CISO and an innovations and data sciences expert?


In the Beginning…

What do you get when you match up an enterprise security tech CISO and an innovations and data sciences expert?

Miles VanJohn

Dr. Ronald Banza

The Start of Unefen

Each of the co-founders possess impressive professional backgrounds, including tenures with some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated, and leading edge brands. But our story begins at an American software company… no, not this one.

Miles VanJohn and Ronald Banza began working together at Google. If you listen to any of the many interviews Miles has given about the inspiration for Unefen’s​ platform, you’ll find that he was trying to solve a problem that he and so many of his cybersecurity contemporaries were facing — figuring out what they didn’t know was happening in their network ecosystems before it could hurt their enterprises (or their reputations).

Creating a Real Solution

Many security tools have tried to solve the problem of identifying unknown assets, but none have been successful in capturing 100% of the missing pieces. And in security, you have to be 100%.

Unefen approached filling the security gap by employing math, aka machine learning algorithms, to identify and automatically tune the system with artificial intelligence that incorporates your existing tech stacks’ data.

Enterprises must continuously and efficiently manage, remediate, and secure their environments. If they don’t possess a complete picture of their ecosystem, they’re bound to be unpleasantly surprised. The challenge of real-time, accurate, push-pull data is one that has prevented enterprise IT from transforming at the same rate as other departments.

What's in a Name?

“I often get asked why we chose the name “Unefen” and what it means and where it comes from. To tell you the truth, “Unefen” means ‘uneven’ in Old English. I always thought of it as ‘unlike’ or ‘dissimilar’, as in Unefen is ‘unlike’ other cyber security management companies. When we were looking to start Unefen and we were still at Google, Ronald and I worked with other organizations that were within the realm of cyber security, that touted managing threat intelligence data, and various machine learning algorithms, and we found that while these platforms and companies to be helpful, there was always something missing, or we were always left needing something more. Hover >>>


Unefen strives to create a superior, unmatched experience for our customers, by being the best there is. We have carefully curated a team of expert developers, engineers, and researchers to ensure that our client’s cyber needs are met and that they have all information available to them. Unefen is up to the task to make the unknowns known. 

Why Miles VanJohn left Splunk to start Unefen.

What’s in a Name?

“I’ve often been asked what Unefen means or where we got the name. Originally, we named Unefen after a camping trip I went on in South America with my daughter — staring up at the sky, sleeping along the Amazon River. As we sat in the dark, the eyes of predators shined back at us. I’ll never forget the feeling of them knowing what we were, but us not knowing what they were. When we returned, I kept thinking how their eyes were like our machine learning algorithms — scanning, scouring, and with enhanced vision.

You may recall our old logo had a predator’s eye as the focal point. It was centered on those predators that hunt in the dark. With Unefen, we brought night vision. A single view of everything in the dark. As we’ve evolved, we pivoted on the Latin roots of “Unefen” – and are now the single pane of glass that gives limitless cyber asset visibility.” – Miles VanJohn